Research Experts Team

Liquid & Grit's research experts team offers premium support to help answer any specific questions subscribing companies may have.

Our team answers questions about specific topics that take <5 hours to complete. For subjects that require an extended period of research, please reach out to to discuss the details of a custom work project.

Submit a Request

To submit a research request, please fill out this form. Once the request is submitted, our team will:

  1. Follow up to get more details on your request, if necessary.

  2. Outline the ask and complete research in a Google Document or Spreadsheet.

  3. We will usually respond to your request in a shared Slack channel.

We typically respond to requests within one week.

Examples of Requests

I'm looking for examples of [X] feature in [Y] subgenre. I've copied screenshots from Empires and Puzzles and Lords Mobile as an example of what I'm looking for. Can you look into examples in other comps?

Do you have more information on [X] feature in [Y] app? We want to extend our season pass in our app and are investigating the final reward when players reach the highest rank in the season. For example, see the image below:

  • Can we get a sample of videos for this prize chest?

  • We want to know if it continues to give a prize chest or it is just one time?

  • Do they have any limit for those prize chests?

Best Practices

  • Include relevant details and examples to help us best respond to your request.

  • Mention your name, role, and market in your request, as well as any co-workers that we might also be interested in our findings (we will tag them on Slack when we respond).

  • Attempt to self-service your request first by using Liquid & Grit's tools and database. Feel free to fill out the form if you need help using our product for a specific use case.

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