Additional Information

Additional Information

Scoring Scale

How the scoring scale was set:

  1. Characteristic data was pulled from all Liquid and Grit tracked apps (casino only).

  2. Outliers were removed.

  3. Each characteristic’s data mean was determined.

  4. Scores were evenly distributed along the results range.

Characteristics in Depth


Features are permanent or recurring releases related to the meta experience and generally have no time limit for availability. Through a variety of mechanisms, features supplement core gameplay and enhance the user experience.

Feature characteristics used to score an app’s health include total available features and new feature release rate. Increasing the number of available features with a steady stream of new releases can help increase a game’s attractiveness to new users and provide an enriching experience for engaged players.

Features are classified into families by a primary mechanic. Many features offer multiple mechanics and could fit into several families. When implemented effectively, a variety of features with different mechanics can help engage new users by creating a dynamic and satisfying gameplay experience. Mechanic taxonomy can be reviewed here.


Events are limited-time releases that vary in complexity and active length. They can be released as one-offs or recur regularly, often at expected intervals. Events can tie in with core content while offering something new or unexpected, such as bonus value or a different way to engage.

One characteristic used to measure an app’s health is the release rate of new events. A steady stream of events can create an attractive and fun experience that encourages new users to convert and helps retain engaged players. Additionally, the percentage of days featuring an active event is scored to measure event re-releases and reskins.

The average number of events active on any given day is another scored characteristic of events. Simultaneous events may function separately but, when implemented creatively, can work together to subvert core gameplay expectations and foster surprise and delight in loyal users.

Events are classified into families by a primary mechanic though, like feature mechanics, many events offer multiple mechanics and can fit into several families. A variety of events using different mechanics can attract new users by demonstrating different and fun ways to engage. Mechanic diversity also helps keep gameplay fresh for engaged and loyal users. Mechanic taxonomy can be reviewed here.


Content includes all elements integral to an app’s core gameplay loop. These are often identified as “items” continually released such as heroes, slot machines, gameplay levels, or vehicles. Similar to features and events, content is scored according to release rate and the total amount of content available to players.

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