API Keys

How to get API keys from Sensor Tower or Data.ai

Here are the general steps on how to obtain API keys for Sensor Tower and Data.ai.

Keep in mind details may vary slightly based on each platform's user interface, and you may need certain permissions or subscription levels.


  1. Log in to your SensorTower account.

  2. Go to the account settings or user profile.

  3. Look for API Key section, usually found under account settings.

  4. Click 'Generate new API key' if it's the first time, or 'Show API key' if it's already generated.

  5. Save the API key somewhere secure. Treat it as you would a password.


  1. Login to your Data.ai account.

  2. Navigate to your account or user settings.

  3. Look for a section related to API or developer settings.

  4. Use the 'Generate New API key' option, or if an API key is already generated, there should be an option to reveal it.

  5. Keep your API key secure and do not share it with unauthorized individuals.

Remember, if you can't locate these settings, consider reaching out to each platform's support team for direct assistance. You will need certain account privileges, depending on the platform's policy, to access and generate API keys.

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