How to Use - Insights

Information on how to navigate and utilize our Insights tool

Within the Wiki, you can browse our monthly reports, impact drivers, player personas research, economy spreadsheets, videos, and more by using the filter menu on the left side of your browser screen, or by searching for content directly with the search bar.

You can filter all results by market, mechanic, subgenre, or game.

For instance, you can pull up any of our previously released Casual Reports by clicking “Reports” and then “Casual”:

Or you can view all of our analyses of high-impact challenge events by selecting “Impact Drivers”, then “Events,” and finally “Challenges.”

How to Research a Specific Mechanic

  1. Go to the Wiki Tool.

  2. Click on the "Impact Drivers" category.

  3. Filter results by clicking on "Events" or "Features." (Events are time-limited meta-elements, whereas features are permanent meta-elements.)

  4. Click on the desired mechanic, e.g., "Collections."

  1. Results will include one or more revenue-driver analyses specific to your chosen mechanic. Each result will also provide a link to download the corresponding report for more detailed teardowns, insights, and trends.

  2. For comprehensive guides on specific mechanics, click on the "Mechanics" category and choose your desired mechanic.

  3. To view all documented events or features for a particular mechanic, go to the Feature Database and filter by the desired genre, type, and mechanic.

Email for any information that you were unable to locate.

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