Summary of Content

To help you get started, here’s a summary of the content available in the Insights :

****Monthly Market Reports contain our complete coverage of the casino, core, and casual markets. Each market report contains impact drivers, release trends, and new releases within the market. There is also a report that specifically covers slots design.

Impact Drivers **** contain feature, event, and content release trends analyses that drive revenue or downloads according to our analysis and data models. This section includes revenue analysis, teardowns of examples from leading apps, and actionable insights on how to successfully design and release new mechanics.

Mechanic Analysis includes digital versions of the impact drivers within our monthly market report where we examine successful events, features, and content to provide actionable recommendations for product teams.

****Product Research Tools contain in-depth research reports, like our Deep Dive Toolkits, Economy Spreadsheets, Player Personas Reports, and taxonomy definitions.

****Deep Dive Toolkits offer comprehensive analysis and insights of specific mechanics; Economy Spreadsheets tear down the level and reward economies for the apps we cover; Player Personas Reports identify the major player types for each market; and the taxonomy documents describe how we classify apps, features, events, and content.

App Dev Digest contains our insights and reports summarizing the major changes in the app development market.

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